GmbH Limited
works with
organisations to
their people’s

We bring
strategic change
to create a
sustainable culture
at work.

We define social sustainability as the recognition of the humane quality of the relationship that exists between an organisation and its people.
Social sustainability represents an explicit agreement between employer and employee:
The leadership of an organisation recognises that central to its commitment is to provide the employee with the ability to learn, grow, share and benefit from their time at work. The result is a social system rooted within the needs of its people. Our term for the work we do and the outcome we create for organisations is “sustainable culture.”

We guide our clients in how to design, root and create a sustainable culture within their organisation, helping them to own the change in their business as their new culture grows and flourishes.

GmbH Limited offers a combination of consulting, training and educational services.



To create a sustainable culture that is healthy, respectful and inventive, we believe that trust between people is the vital element.

  1. We trust in kindness and transparency.
  2. We trust in integrity, responsibility and self-management.
  3. We trust in people’s autonomy like we trust in togetherness.
  4. We trust in eating plants and healthy soil.
  5. We trust in culture being lived, not launched.
  6. We trust in treating the cause rather than the symptoms.
  7. We trust in accountability and we trust in positive change.
  8. We trust in science as much as we trust in curiosity for the other.
  9. We trust in inclusivity and LGBTQIA+ equality.
  10. We trust in stability, practicality and functionality.

And we trust that you will trust us.

GmbH Limited is led by its founders and co-principles, Mia Castenskjold and Stefan Zschernitz. Over the last two decades, they have both lived in, and worked globally across, many different cultures and industries.

They acquired, along this journey, not only many languages, but also the hard-won knowledge of how to successfully navigate and adjust to different organisational cultures.

As leaders at organisations they have worked to design and build sustainable culture practices, policies and programming that serve the whole workplace community.

Their experience has taught them to deeply understand the complexity that organisations represent and they skillfully guide their clients to recognise the power structures and dynamics existing within their organisations. Throughout this process, they enable clients to empower their people to see their individual strengths, skills and abilities.


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